Interior Murals and Trompe l'Oiel
This small mural (about 2' x 3') was executed above a fireplace in a very
elegant North Texas home. The design was based on the family's coat of arms and was modified to complement the colors and style of the surrounding furnishings.
Strictly speaking, this design is not a mural but a trompe l'oeil painting. This customer had a very narrow foyer at the front door which did not match the otherwise grand scale of the house. To create the illusion of more space while
adding a decorative element, I painted the walls and ceiling in a faux marble style and then added (with paint) the architectural elements of the stone niche and wall fountain.
This small mural of a fruit bowl is painted on the hood of an elaborate cook top in a kitchen decorated in the French provencial style.
The customer preferred an aged appearance (similar to old fresco designs), so I distressed the finish with many thin layers of paint applied with a dry brush.
The scale and position of this mural made it difficult to photograph, so  a little explanation is in order.

This mural is about 12' x 14' and it's located above the front door. The top edge of the design is almost 30' above the ground. The glass object hanging in front of it is a chandalier.

The top window is "real" but all the other elements (stone, brick, shutters, flowers, and flower box) are painted.